Superannuation Investment

When invested and monitored superannuation can provide you with the key to a secure and comfortable retirement, but waiting until it’s time to retire will seriously restrict your options.

While the Superannuation Guarantee has recently increased, statistics show this will still be insufficient to provide retirees with enough money for a comfortable retirement.

We will work with you to determine the best option for you. It may be that you would prefer to look after the management of your superannuation personally (SMSF) or prefer Vue to manage on your behalf. We can help calculate if your current superannuation strategy will allow you reach your desired retirement income or whether it is necessary for you to consider other options to meet your goals.

There are many different strategies available to you it’s just about knowing which will be the most beneficial for you personally. We can assist with any or all of the following:

  • Contribution Strategies
  • Transition to Retirement Strategies
  • Account Based Pension Strategies
  • SMSF Strategies
  • Fund Selection & Investment Profiles
  • Super Consolidation
  • Insurance advice within Super

Case Study: Salary Sacrifice

Penny is 45 years of age. She earns $120,000 per annum. She currently has $140,000 in Super and plans on retiring at age 65.

First Year First Year
No Salary Sacrifice Salary Sacrifice
Salary Income 120,000 120,000
Less: Salary Sacrifice 0 18,000
Tax (includes 2% Medicare Levy) 34,747 27,727
After-tax income 85,253 74,273
Difference in Cash flow -10,980
Super Guarantee Contribution 11,400 11,400
Salary Sacrifice Contribution 0 18,000
Less: Contributions Tax 1,710 4,410
Net Contribution 9,690 24,990
Additional Super 15,300
Overall Position 4,320

Assuming Penny has a Balanced Risk profile and her salary increases annually with AWOTE, we estimate that Penny’s Super balance would be approximately $1,009,170 by age 65.

However if Penny were to salary sacrifice $18,000 per annum in additional to her ongoing SG, we estimate her balance would grow to approximately $1,573,385 by age 65, an increase of approximately $564,215.


If you want the peace of mind of knowing that you are well prepared for your retirement, the team at Vue Financial can provide you with the guidance and expertise you need.