Business Insurance


Secure Your Business
With Insurance

  • Do you have a succession plan for your business?
  • Could your business survive without you or other key staff?
  • How long could your business survive without ongoing income?

Key Person and/or Business Expenses insurance can provide your business with some certainty in the event something were to happen to you or any of your key staff.

A Buy/Sell Agreement ensures there is minimal disruption, confusion or dispute if you relinquish control of your business whether in the event of death or disability, or even retirement. It can help ensure that your family is also considered in the transaction so that no one is left worse off.

As a business owner you are never too young to consider a business succession plan. Like with any plan though it needs to be fluid and change along with your circumstances.

We are here to provide you with the solutions necessary to ensure your business can carry on no matter what happens.