What are the steps involved to access aged care services?

Posted on 24 July 2018

1. Approval – Before accessing services, the persons health needs to be assessed to determine their eligibility for care. The assessment needs to be carried out by a member of an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). Assessments can be requested via or by calling 1800 200 422.

There can sometimes be a waiting period between requesting the assessment, completion of the assessment and approval. There may also be a wait period after approval, before clients can start receiving services for home care or are offered a place in a residential aged care facility.

Approvals are generally non-lapsing however where they are for a specific period, the person will require a new assessment when it expires. They may also need a new assessment if their personal circumstances or care needs change.

2. Finding a service – Based on the result of the assessment, the person or their family can visit to source home care providers or residential aged care facilities. There are also companies that offer aged care placement services who specialise in finding suitable facilities.

If the person is assessed as eligible for a home care package, they will be placed in a national priority queue and will be contacted when a suitable package becomes available for use. During this time the person should contact several service providers in preparation for when a package becomes available for use.

3. Organising finances – Various ongoing aged care costs may be incurred by a person and these will depend on the type of care they are eligible for. Home care package clients can be asked to pay a basic daily fee which is calculated as 17.5% of the basic single age pension rate. An income tested fee may also apply as determined by the persons level of income.

Residential aged care residents are generally required to fund an accommodation payment plus a daily care fee which is calculated as 85% of the basic single age pension rate. The maximum advertised accommodation payment for a room is available by visiting A means tested care fee may apply determined by the persons level of income and assets. Depending on the room type and other services used, additional service fees may also apply.

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